Environmental and Social Study

Environmental and Social Study

In the Environmental Social Study Section, we conduct research and provide advisory services and education within the fields of environmental sociology service.

A. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

The purpose of EIA is to identify the probable impacts of a proposed project on the natural environment and devise mitigation measures for possible adverse impacts. It is a mandatory requirement for most development work or industrial activities in Bangladesh.

The experts at Shahidul Consultant have vast experience in conducting EIA studies and suggesting remedial measures for industrial activities of different sectors.

The EIA studies conducted by Shahidul Consultant would enable companies to identify probable adverse impacts in advance and the management plan would help them to mitigate those impacts, thus help the companies to be environment friendly. It would also serve to fulfill regulatory requirements.

B. Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is the process of formulation, implementation and monitoring of activities required for minimization of adverse effects from development works or industrial activities before and after the implementation of the projects. The formulation of management plan is provided with the EIA. Implementation and monitoring is a continuous process which is conducted during and after the implementation of the project.

The Environmental Management Plan provided by the experts at Shahidul Consultant Ltd would enable the client to be more environment friendly and fulfill regulatory requirements.

C. Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)

The purpose of the Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) is to identify the probable adverse impacts of a project on the existing environmental setting. This study works as a baseline for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). This is the preliminary requirement to approve the Terms of Reference (ToR) for a project from Department of Environment (DOE), Bangladesh.

Shahidul Consultant has extensive experience in conducting IEE for any type of projects. Our IEE study can help organizations to have an initial outline on the projects probable impacts and prepare them for the EIA study, as well fulfill regulatory requirements. Following are the list of IEE conducted by Shahidul Consultant.

D. Social Impact Assessment (SIA)

Social Impact Assessment is focused on to find out the effects that a project can have on the people of the locality. It is the evaluation of the impacts on the livelihood of the people of the locality that may result due to the environmental changes that would occur because of the project. It is a key requirement for the projects funded by the international agencies such as ADB, World Bank, etc.

Shahidul Consultant has the necessary expertise to conduct social impact assessment and suggest possible mitigation plans that would help companies to plan their development work more effectively.

E. Environmental & Energy Audit

F. Environmental Testing (air, water, noise, soil, etc.)

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